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230-79 Int'l Airport Ctr Blvd
Suite 500
Springfield Gardens, NY

Phone: (718) 244-0430
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AVG Transport Solutions, Inc.!

Thank you for choosing A.V.G. Transport Solutions, Inc.! With over 20 years of transportation experience, this family owned company has become recognized in the industry for their outstanding service. A.V.G. provides each client with 24-hour quality service and gives you the ultimate competitive pricing. A.V.G. has an agent in each state across the USA and can easily accommodate all of your trucking needs. We are Hazmat Certified, fully bonded, insured, and is a registered Unified carrier. We are also an authorized IAC with TSA.

Our Services

A.V.G. Transportation Solutions, Inc. can assist your company with a vast variety of freight transportation services. Since each job is unique in its size and contents, our sales team will carefully construct your quote and ensure the right equipment is used to handle your shipment. 
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